Thursday, May 1, 2014

PaRappa the Scammer IV: Chapters of the Chosen

Well, it's been quite some time since I posted an update, hasn't it... the reason being Dred Foxx blocked me from seeing anything he posts. It's come to digging through what scraps I get from folks willing to screencap his BS for me. I feel like the family dog at the dinner table!

In any case, let's start back in early March (around the 11th IIRC) where Dred posted this:

Rather than actually address and resolve the situation, Dred chooses to hide from it by making a new group. He also vows to take to Youtube with his side of the story (which he still hasn't done) and also hit up "his man Treezy" with a juicy helping of TRUTH (he hasn't done that either). Also, he has again revised his fan count from 500 million to a mere 500+ thousand. Or maybe he actually means 500 + 1000. That'd be a much more likely number, at least.

The same chuckleheads who defended him before are back to kiss more ass, of course. What is it about Dred Foxx that causes some people to collectively lose IQ points?

You may recall that Dred threatened a lawsuit shortly after this, but he ended up dropping the idea a day or two later after Jacob started getting worried and asked him to not do it. (I don't have a screencap of this ATM, but if I find one I'll add it.) It's a shame, I really would have loved to watch Dred admit that he never had a case and was dropping all farcical charges.

March 25th:


"This misunderstanding is done"? It's done when you pay us, not when you decide you're tired of the negative posts! And since all these internet comments he's forced to read are draining his focus, he has to head to Florida to clear his hea- wait, what? WHAT? You can't cough up a measly $100 but have enough dough to fly across the country?

April 12th:

"The legend" has been off the grid feeding his family, apparently.  I think "avoiding Cameron and Jacob" is probably a more accurate statement, but whatever. I'm honestly surprised that he's still getting negative comments at this point, I didn't think people would keep it going for so long.

Oh, and don't forget kids - Life is such, don't waste it on Cow Pucks!

And finally, here's the last update I've got for you, on April 22nd. We get to enjoy another classic Dred Foxx rant. He has now lost his grip on reality and is convinced that the people requesting that he stop being a scam artist and just return our money are DEVILS and that his situation is comparable to assorted celebrities that haven't ripped college students off.

(By the way, this isn't the first time Dred has made a poor choice regarding which celebrities to compare himself to.

Our friend Curier on NeoGAF said it best... "...Did he just compare himself to a puppeteer that allegedly touched kids?")

Dred's adoring fans agree with his assessment of the situation (one even manages to "cleverly" slip in a request to be a moderator on the fan group!) Finally, he leaves us with these immortal words:

"Negative comments post them to you loved ones"

Wow, only a true visionary of our time could have written such a profound statement! Can we get a source on tha- oh, Dred Foxx wrote it.

Now, as you may already know, this blog has gotten quite a few hits. According to the statistics, it's already reached over 70,000 pageviews! And as such, at least a few of those people felt strongly enough about the situation to provide their own take on it:

What Dred Foxx is up to these days. - Yesujira reveals Dred's secret life!

You Gotta Believe (Me)! - An Interview with Dred Foxx - TheSpoiler has a chat with our Foxxy friend.

Oh Dred. - LookAtMeGo got the flow, comin at ya live, brings the place alive every single day he jives!

But none brought the heat more than RyanBankz, who dropped an epic two-part rap saga that not even PaRappa himself could hope to match.

PETA (Dead Foxx)

Speed Dial (PETA 2)

There were also numerous text raps and a few hilarious pictures being posted in the NeoGAF thread. It'd take ages to hunt them all down, but feel free to dig around if you want. Thanks to everyone who made something, they provided a lot of laughs throughout this whole thing. And thanks to all of you for reading this blog! I don't know if we'll ever get our money back, but hopefully this will make others think twice before doing business with Dred Foxx again. (And remember Dred, if you just pay us back like you should have done ages ago? My offer still stands - this whole blog disappears!)